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Creality CR-6 MAX 3D Printer


Creality CR-6 Max FDM 3d printer, large print size 400x400x400mm,makes you enjoy the DIY fun, realizes your unlimited creativity, and satisfies you with more choices.

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Intelligent Auto Leveling

Designed with intelligent leveling-free system,which can automatically adjust the uneven hotbed during printing and effectively solve the problems of uneven bed, nozzle clogging and poor adhesion. Truly achieve one-click leveling and easy printing. Perfect for 3D printing beginners and professionals.

Ultra Silent Motherboard

Equipped with a self-developed 32-bit silent motherboard and the latest TMC2209 driver.They feature stronger anti-interference,more precise voltage control and more silent printing motion,making the entire printing smoothly, quietly and precisely.

400*400*400mm Large Build Volume

The CR-6 Max features a 400 x 400 mm build plate, with a towering 400-mm maximum build height.This means that you will be able to print much larger than other printer, without having to cut your model into pieces.

Double Pull Rod, Dual Z Axis

Equipped with a double-pull rod, dual Z-axis and timig belt, the triangular structrure greatly promots the printing quality.

Dual Y-axis Design Promotes the Stable Printing

The dual Y-axis and double synchronous belt greatly ensure the printing accuracy and the printing stability.

Self-developed Extrusion Mechanism

Brand new extrusion mechanism makes the filament feed-in much easier. The smooth feeding ensures the smooth printing.

Filament Sensor, Resume Printing

Avoid the printing failure owing to the filament breakage and power outag, save time and energy.

HD Color Touchscreen

4.3 Inch touch display with easy opration gives you a better experience.

Carborundum Glass Plate

Fast to heat, easy to remove the model without warping.

Brand Name Creality
Printing Size: 400x400x400mm
File Transfer: USB/Memory card
Layer Thickness: 0.1-0.4mm
Print Resolution: ±0.1mm
Nozzle Temperature: ≤260℃
Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm as standard
Hotbed Temperature: ≤90℃
Rated Power: 500W;

CR-6 Max

Mainboard/Screen Firmware, Video Tutorial

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Weight 22.7 kg
Dimensions 82 × 68.5 × 29 cm
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United States, China


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