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Twotrees 1Pcs Lattice glass Hot Bed For MK2 MK3




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Twotrees 3d printer Part Lattice Glass 4mm Build Surface Glass Platform Heated bed for MK2 MK3 Hot bed

1Pcs Lattice glass hot bed (220*220*4mm/235*235*4mm/310*310*4mm) (only Glass Plate)

Technical Specifications and Description:

Lattice glass size: 220*220*4mm / 235*235*4mm/310*310*4mm Material: Special Glass + microporous coatings


* Suggested bed temperature may vary depends on the filament material; * Please properly level the bed before printing; * Never let the nozzle rub against the Ultrabase directly; * Clean the platform surface with alcohol/water The role of the lattice glass plate: 1. Use again and again. 2. Separation type bending to take the model. It’s more convenient. 3. Do not need the beauty of paper and scraper to assist the model. 4. Can be installed on a hot bed and a glass platform. 5. Print not warped edge. No glue is needed. 6. Can be printed on cold bed. This build tape is a novel surface sheet that is stronger and better than old tapes (like Kapton and Blue Tape), and holds objects on the bed so well. It also lasts significantly longer. We have head bed supplies that go with the lattice platform.

Additional information


220*220*4mm, 235*235*4mm, 310*310*4mm


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