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Twotrees Latest version E3DV6 upgraded version TT brass nozzle




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Product thickness: double layer; 1.8mm
Use requirements: hot bed temperature does not exceed 60 °, or cold bed printing
Size: 220x220x1.8mm
1. Magnetic poles correspond to any direction
2. The printing matte layer has strong adsorption force and eliminates the curling edge.
3. The fixed layer does not need to be replaced for a long time, and can be matched with multiple printing layers.
4. Strong magnetic durability, excellent frost resistance of the printed matte layer
Color: blue; color printing
Installation and use: tear the back of the B side, as well as the front protective film, directly attached to
On the platform, the A side is adsorbed on the B side, and the level is adjusted to print.



Adsorption layer:


It is treated with micro-hole matte texture, which can make the hot melt material and print layer combine well, reduce the deformation caused by shrinkage and avoid curling. It has good adhesion and increases the adsorption force on the consumables during printing. When the temperature drops back, the adhesion is reduced, which is convenient for taking parts.



Cemented carbide layer:


The high thermal conductivity iron-based alloy makes the platform as a whole smoother. Iron can also be attached to either side of the magnet to expand the compatibility of different consumables.





1. In order to effectively achieve good non-warping, it is recommended to open the hot bed temperature not to exceed 50 degrees.  If there is no hot bed, please use local speed regulation, the first layer is fed 17, and the third layer starts.  Adjust quickly.
2. Be sure to level before use. If the machine cannot be leveled, please be careful to place an order.
3. Do not directly touch the high temperature nozzle to the surface. Please take out the model after printing. Do not take the model in the next day. Because this model will be tightly attached to the printed surface, making it difficult to take out the module and it will shorten the life of the platform.
4. If the first layer is found to be stuck during use, this and the used  Whether third-party machines and material platforms are leveled. Due to insomnia machine and consumption  Each material manufacturer has its own design structure and printing temperature. So you can’t test them one by one.Need to self-test the appropriate temperature and adjustment parameters.


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1.75/0.2, 1.75/0.3, 1.75/0.4, 1.75/0.5, 1.75/0.6, 1.75/0.8, 1.75/1.0


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